Fix Corporate

Fixed solutions tailored for large companies

Discover our customised solutions dedicated to large enterprises that need a private and secured data network between their multiple sites. From data communications between your sites, to the implementation of high-speed secured internet access and Enterprise Voice solutions.

Solutions that make the difference


A private network that’s managed 24/7, high-quality equipment, and special solutions for critical sites.

Modular approach

Choose the services according to the needs of each of your sites.

Optimal support

Dedicated experts support you throughout your project. In case of problems, intervention is guaranteed within 4 hours.

Access your internal network from anywhere

Your employees can access your internal network through mobile data.

Solutions that meet your specific needs

Connect all your sites

Connect all your sites − whether they’re located in Belgium or abroad − to a single, reliable and secure, internal network. Your employees at each site can access your data center, IT systems, and company software programs − in total security.

Access your internal network with mobile data

Your employees connect to your internal network via a private, totally secure APN.

Super-fast and secure access to the internet

Super-fast and secure access to the internet with the appropriate bandwidth.

Replace your telephony by VoIP

Replace your traditional telephony with a flexible and powerful VoIP solution − and enjoy the advantages of this phone system.

Secure your internal network

Secure your internal network with firewall, antivirus and homeworking solutions.

Discover our additional services for even more solutions

Combine our solutions for data and landline with our mobile plans

Combine Connected Mobile with IP VPN, Corporate Internet and VoIP for a convergent solution.

Manage your mobile fleet with Connected Mobile

Our top-quality network

At Orange, we invest in our own network to guarantee you optimum reliability and quality.


Receive information about your equipment, vehicles or devices in real-time.

Discover the world of connected machines

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