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IoT Journey


It all starts with an IoT device that collects data (e.g. a sensor that measures temperature, movement,…). We can support you in validating this device in order you can properly use it.


Your IoT device needs a network and connectivity in order it can transport its data

Orange Cellular Network

IoT sensors send data to the right place via a network. The type of connectivity that suits best, depends mostly on the frequency and type of data (amount) you want to send. We are able to offer you different types of connectivity in order you can select the best solution suiting your needs.

New radio technologies like NB-IoT and LTE-M allow low power devices which increases substantially the life time of the sensor battery.

Suiting your specific need, we offer you the right connectivity.

orange Transport

Manage your Connectivity

In order to properly manage your IoT connectivity, we provide you a central platform to manage all connectivity and subscriptions of your IoT SIM cards with us.

Some important features of this platform:

  • Manage all SIM’s and incoming communication in realtime
  • Real time reports and analysis in order you gather the right insights to manage your SIM fleet.
  • Buy extra SIM cards

To the Orange Belgium IoT platform:

A Sim adapted to each use

Our IoT SIM cards are specifically developed to fit all purposes: they can be rewritten idefinetely, they’ll withstand extreme temperatures, they’re shock- and vibration resistant, are available in a variety of formats and can even be soldered.

We offer eSIM: Traditional SIMs are provisioned with the provider profile of a single operator: if you change operators you will need to replace the SIM. The eUICC is a physical re-pogrammable SIM card, allowing to change of operator without changing the SIM card.

Roaming > 600 networks

If you need to go international, we are able to offer more than 600 networks in roaming.


We take care of the secure transport of your data over our cellular network:

How ?

  • Authentication & integrity check between SIM and network
  • User data encryption on radio interface
  • VPN tunneling from device to your cloud

Store & Proces, Analyse

Live Objects: Managing your data and devices

The real benefits of IoT for your business lie in the optimal use of the data generated by connected devices.

With Live Objects we can offer you a secure platform for your devices and data.

Live Objects allows you to:

  • Manage and update your connected devices.
  • Collect their data via standardized APIs
  • Store data securely
  • Visualize the data in your applications

Live Objects is a secure cloud solution and a multi-protocol platform.

With Live Objects we can also offer you data visualization tools in order you can analyze the data coming from your IoT Objects.

Live Objects offers standard API’s which you can use to transfer data from Live Objects to your own applications. This supports the processing and transformation of the data in order it can be optimally used by your applications.

Orange Iot End-to-End Solutions

Orange Belgium commercializes IoT End-to-End solutions that help you address specific business challenges using the Internet of Things.

These solutions contain all necessary building blocks: sensors, connectivity, data handling and end-user interfaces

Discover Smart Parking Discover Smart Tracking

Explore the possibilities of IoT

Our advice for companies that want to start exploring the benefits of IoT is to start small and to focus on low hanging fruit. To resolve a known business problem. From there start building gradually.

To support you, we developed the IoT Rapid Development Kit.

With our Rapid Development Kit you can develop and build prototypes and products using the Orange IoT network.

All necessary components to build your first IoT Projects are included. You get 6 month free access to the Orange IoT networks and a free subscription to the Orange Maker data platform in which you can capture and visualize the data coming from the sensors.

As an extra you become member of the Developer Community where you can share and get feedback on ideas.

Discover the IoT Rapid Development Kit

Business Experts

We offer different Iot solutions that help you to do better and more business, above that, we find the human touch very important.

To keep your IoT business running we have a team of experienced IoT specialists that provide you expert guidance and personalized support and that since 2002!

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