Smart tracking

Locate your objects and improve your business processes

You want to track, locate and manage your fleet of business assets remotely? We provide you with a solution based on an autonomous sensor together with application services. The sensor will tell you where your business assets are. Containers in a supply chain, elements on a construction site or the tracking of high-value goods, the applications are infinite...

Discover Smart Tracking

Wat is Smart Tracking

Benefits Smart Tracking


Protect yourself

  • Against the loss and unexpected movement of your business assets by knowing their position. Be able to supervise them remotely.


  • The time related to the search for your assets.
  • The costs of managing your assets (e.g. replacement, loss of income, etc.)
  • The hazards of your business by adopting a proactive attitude.


  • The size of your asset fleet by analyzing its use.
  • The organization of your activity through the collection of information about business assets.


  • The management of your activity and productivity thanks to the follow-up of your business assets.
  • The reliability of your supply chains.
  • Your resources by offering additional services (e.g. pay as you use).

How does Smart Tracking works?


Find your business assets and monitor them in their environment.


Be informed of the last positions of your assets, but also of the various movements made.


Be notified when your objects enter and leave a pre-defined area.


Benefit from analyses and reports as decision-making tools as part of your activity.

Additional features

Temperature measurement.


Simple and easy to handle dashboard.


Localisation: GPS

LTE-M cellular network.

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