Mobile Threat Protection

Shared workspace, digital workplace, home working, bring your own device... Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are an integral part of today's workplace. Hackers are following this trend and increasingly focus their actions on mobile devices to steal sensitive business information, for example. With our Mobile Threat Protection solution, you can optimally protect your mobile devices against these cyberattacks.


The most important features of Mobile Threat Protection


Your employees benefit from effective protection.

  • Fast and easy implementation.
  • Clear threat messages.
  • Possible corrective actions by the user and the administrator.


You keep your IT spending under control.

  • You don't have to invest to maintain an expensive or complex solution.
  • You pay a monthly subscription per device.


Rapid implementation of this solution.

  • A solution available within a few weeks.
  • No infrastructure to install.
  • No updates on the IT terminal to check.
  • Guided installation.

Low system requirements

Low battery, memory and CPU usage of the mobile device.

Integration with Mobile Device Management

Integration of Mobile Threat Protection with most Mobile Device Management solutions is possible.

Integration with a Mobile Device Management solution ensures that the threat is not only detected and displayed on the device of your employee and in the dashboard of your fleet manager, but also immediately blocked by your Mobile Device Management application. If desired, Orange Cyberdefense can supervise the integration of the Mobile Threat Protection solution with your Mobile Device Management solution.


You benefit from a reliable solution.

  • A solution designed by CheckPoint, market leader in its sector.
  • Offered by Orange Cyberdefense, the entity within Orange specialized in cyber defense, with over 30 years of experience.
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