Reluz: "Better communications."


For an ambitious SME like ours, Mobiline is the ideal solution.

Herman De Bie


Better call quality, lower costs and far greater communications options. In short, this is the added value which Mobiline brings to Reluz. “This package has given us a leading advantage.”


The challenge

Better communications

Reluz is an ambitious SME with 7 employees, 3 of whom are sub-contractors. The business specialises in green energy, such as solar panels and heat pumps.

Communications are crucial for this booming SME, which intends to employ 15 staffmembers over the next few years. And herein lies the company's major challenge thus far. "Our previous mobile phone company could not provide us with satisfactory call quality," explains Herman De Bie, Reluz’s director. "This lack of quality nevertheless opened our eyes to the fact that we could improve our communications."


The solution

Orange Mobiline

Reluz then started to look at Orange subscriptions to benefit from better call quality. "We noticed the difference right away", added Herman De Bie. And that's not all. Reluz then opted for Mobiline. Now the business has its own landline number, without having to actually install fixed lines. "Now, my colleagues and I only need to use a single device, to which two numbers are routed."

In addition, Mobiline offers all the convenience and functions of a telephone exchange, without Reluz having to actually invest in the infrastructure itself. "I can, for example, easily redirect calls to my colleagues or leave a voicemail outside of office hours, while still remaining contactable on my private mobile number," explains Herman De Bie.


The results

Efficient communications and lower costs

Herman De Bie is quite categorical: "Our communications and our availability have improved considerably." No-one at Reluz has to act as a secretary and pick up the phone in the office any more. “I always have my mobile phone and the whole phone system on me,” says a delighted Herman De Bie. “It is therefore much easier for my customers to get hold of me now.”

And let’s not forget the financial benefits. “Before, I had to redirect my landline number to my mobile phone when I was out of the office, and this entailed extra charges. With Mobiline, that’s no longer the case. What’s more, we get all the advantages of a landline and a telephone reception desk without all the associated costs,” he adds. “On our communications costs alone, we are already making savings of 20 percent! For a business like ours, Mobiline is the ideal solution.”


Are you also looking to expand your communications options whilst saving money? Find out more about the abundant advantages Mobiline has to offer.

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