Orange places 1 million SIM cards in machines


From vending machines to vehicles, Orange connects more than one million machines or objects via an SIM card. Orange is by far the leader on the Belgian market when it comes to Machine-to-Machine.


1 card out of 5 ends up in a machine 

Approximately 20% of Orange's SIM cards are fitted in a machine. And the number of machines connected should increase significantly in the years to come. As a specialist and market leader in the field of machine connection, Orange plays a key role in this evolution. But what is exactly the determining factor?


M2M is an integral part of the Internet of Things

The rise of the Internet of Things widely justifies this evolution. Machinery and objects are more likely to be connected via a network such as the internet. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is an element and a key driver of the Internet of Things.


Guess where these SIM cards are hiding

SIMs are used in various sectors. The consumer market is particularly enthusiastic for these SIM cards to be inserted in machines. The radar warning system Coyote is a very good example. It now has hundreds of thousands of users in Belgium.

Another sector in which M2M applications are popular: the transportation sector. Just think of the "tracking and tracing" system for vehicles.

In reality, this involves the entire automotive sector. Starting next year, all new vehicles marketed in Belgium will be equipped with an 'eCall' system that automatically alerts emergency services in case of an accident.


Nespresso with SIM, what else?

The retail sector is another big consumer of SIM cards for machines. These include payment terminals from Atos Worldline used by many businesses and stores for their sales.

The soft drink manufacturer Coca-Cola is also using this technology to supply its vending machines. Each Nespresso machine produced is also equipped with a built-in SIM card.


A leading role for Orange

13 years ago, Orange, Mobistar at the time, played a pioneering role by starting to install SIM cards in devices. Orange's role has now developed considerably. It helps organisations reinvent their business processes via M2M. Some 80% of customers rely on M2M to offer new services while 20% of them use it to reduce costs and/or to comply with new regulations.


Would you like to also grab new opportunities thanks to M2M? Discover all our Machine-to-Machine solutions on this page. 

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