The new WiFi tramways, with Orange


Do you regularly take the tram in Ghent or Antwerp? Great news, as De Lijn will launch 90 WiFi trams this autumn. There you'll be able to surf on your mobile totally for free, thanks to Orange's powerful 3G/4G network.


Free WiFi is the result of a collaboration between De Lijn, its subsidiary LijnCom and Hello bank!. Today, you can browse the web in 15 trams in Ghent, but at the end of November, De Lijn will launch a large-scale pilot experiment on 90 trams: 45 in Antwerp and 45 in Ghent. 


WiFi? Just thank the Orange network!

To offer WiFi on board, the transportation company chose Orange's 3G/4G network. If you have a 4G-compatible device, you will discover right away how fast Orange's 4G actually is.


Extension scheduled

You don't go very often in Antwerp or Ghent? After the test period, De Lijn will equip other vehicles with WiFi. Currently, registered tram users receive 250 MB of free data per month, but the transportation company is currently studying the possibility of offering even more to its registered users.  



How can you browse the web for free on a WiFi tram?

Sign up for 250 MB per month, free of charge:

1. Register your number on

2. Choose your login name.

3. Fill in the code you received by text message.

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