Renewing your mobile fleet? Recycle your old mobile phones


A billion mobile devices are replaced each year. Your mobile fleet needs a facelift? Give new life to old devices by recycling. And make money!

Orange advocates environmental awareness. With the help of our partner CompaRecycle, we devised a solution for clients who want to renew their mobile fleet without tossing out their old devices.


You even save money

Use a simple online program to know the exact value of your old device. Then specify the number of devices and receive compensation that you can use to renew your fleet.


Waste reduction

By recycling your devices, you contribute to a cleaner society.
Devices that still work can even be reused elsewhere (of course, we clear all personal data beforehand). If there are many mobile devices, CompaRecycle comes to pick them up. Another thing you won't have to worry about!


Visit our page on recycling and start your personal recycling program. You'll immediately find out what your old mobile fleet is worth.

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