Make your landline mobile with Mobiline


Integrating your landline with your mobile phone? You can do that with the Mobiline service. You continue to receive and make calls with your business number, even if you are not in the office.


A landline number is always interesting for your company. It's a sign of professionalism, it underlines your presence in a region, offers a central messaging box and many other useful features.

However, it's much less practical when you're out of the office. The calls can be redirected, however, you can't see who's calling. And when you call back, you automatically send your mobile phone number. That means the end of "private" numbers.


Your landline, 100% mobile

With Mobiline, you have one or more landlines, but everything goes through your mobile phone. At all times, you know who's calling and you choose whether it's your landline or mobile number that's displayed. Moreover, you can make all the mobile phones ring if someone calls the central number. The right person answers or you transfer the call. You can also decide to configure only one common voice mail box, with your company office hours, for example.  


Why is Mobiline designed for you?


  • Advantageous: you no longer need landlines and fixed telephones. You can use a mobile price rate and thus call for free all landlines and all Orange numbers in Belgium. And thanks to Easy International, you can even call another country at the landline price rate.

  • Flexible: you manage your landline and mobile calls from your mobile phone

  • Central: all your employees can be reached via a single number 

  • Control: you can separate your private calls from your professional calls

  • Time savings: you transfer calls to a colleague in a single gesture


Interested? Check out the information here and discover how to configure Mobiline via your Customer Zone.

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