My mobile phone/tablet is broken

First of all, check whether your SIM card works

To make sure that it isn't your SIM card that has stopped working (and not your mobile), we recommend trying it in a different mobile. If it still doesn't work, don't worry, it's easy to request a new one:

Your SIM card works in a different device?

This means your mobile needs to be repaired:

You don't have insurance with Business Insurance?

Phones purchased in Belgium have 2 years warranty. If your mobile is still under warranty, you may request a repair via GSM Clinic in your Customer Zone. We will come and collect your faulty device and will send it back to your company once repaired. 

Do you have insurance with Business Insurance ?

File your claim online, or call 078/15.05.23, or send an email to

In case of theft, an official statement indicating the brand, model, and serial number (for tablets) must be provided.

Once the application has been accepted, a replacement device will be sent to you on the working day following receipt of the duly completed statement.