How do I avoid extra charges on my invoice?

Invoice Split

With Invoice Split you set the maximum amount invoiced to your company. Every eurocent above this maximum is at the expense of the end user. This way you can offer your employees a fringe benefit while keeping your costs under control.


Premium numbers & blocking solutions

Are you calling an 090x or 070 number? These are services that are not offered by Orange but by external partners who grant you access and set their own price for these calls.

How much are these calls?

Calls to premium numbers may be more expensive than a standard call in Belgium.

Depending on the area code you’re calling, prices range from €0.30 to €2 per min. or per call.

The caller hears a message stating the maximum rate for calls to an 070 number, giving him the chance to end the call free of charge (obligation imposed on operators on 1 July 2015 by the BIPT).

How can you recognise these services?

These services are offered by third parties, the name Orange is not mentioned. The other mobile operators also offer the same services.

We distinguish three types:

  • Premium text or MMS MO: you send a message from your mobile to an abbreviated number, for which you are charged a fixed price.
  • Premium text or MMS MT: you receive a message from an abbreviated number at a fixed price.
  • Bulk SMS or MMS: you receive a free message from an abbreviated number. This last message is free of charge.

Would you like to know who sent you a premium SMS or MMS message or would you like to contact a content provider? Use our online search engine.

How can you block these services?

To avoid unpleasant surprises Blocking Solutions blocks access to the services of your choice, free of charge:

  • Sending and receiving premium SMS and MMS messages linked to games on TV (61xx numbers).
  • Sending and receiving premium SMS and MMS messages linked to leisure activities, games, logos and ringtones (5xxx/6xxx numbers and 9500 through 9999).
  • Sending and receiving all premium SMS and MMS messages (except 1xxx and 8xxx).
  • Sending and receiving premium SMS and MMS messages (except 1xxx and 8xxx as well as 2xxx/3xxx/4xxx linked to parking facilities in some municipalities, etc.).
  • All calls to premium 090 numbers.
  • Sending and receiving all premium SMS and MMS messages with +18 content.
  • Access to the +18 section of Orange’s mobile portal.

This service is free. Feel free to contact us to activate this service.

Orange, Proximus and Base have established a code of conduct for the management of multimedia services by third parties. This code stipulates you can unsubscribe from a service at any given time by sending the word ‘STOP’ to the abbreviated number in question.

Call 5995 to block a service. Please note that blocking such a number prevents mobile payment of your bus, tram and parking tickets as well as other services.

Important: The Ethics Commission for Telecommunications monitors the proper use of premium numbers (e.g. 0900 or 070 numbers and text messages to a 4-digit number starting with 3, 4, 7 or 9). The Ethics Commission investigates on its own initiative or in response to complaints lodged for non-compliance with the Ethics Code for Telecommunications. Complaints can be submitted to the Ethics Commission secretariat (Ellipse Building - Building C - Koning Albert II laan 35 - 1030 Brussels). The complaint is presented to the Ethics Commission if the problem could not be solved through mediation of the operator. The Ethics Commission can also look into a complaint lodged with the Office of the Ombudsman for Telecommunications if the mediation of the Office of the Ombudsman for Telecommunications failed to yield a satisfying result for the plaintiff. More information on the Ethics Commission and its activities

Click here for more details on the Ethics Commission and its activities


Abroad: Travel Data Control

This service makes it easy to set a limit on your mobile internet use abroad before your departure. This way you can avoid nasty surprises!

Your connection is blocked as soon as the set limit is reached. At that point you can either decide that enough is enough or you can extend your limit, in which case your internet connection is automatically restored.

As standard the Travel Data Control limit is set at €50 per billing period.
To change this amount go to:

  • Your Customer Zone (for fleet managers): select a number and change the Travel Data Control amount under ‘Options’.
  • The My Orange app (for employees who pay part of their invoice): in the section ‘Rate plan and options', under ‘My options'.

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