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Manage my teams in real time

Increase the performance of your company and remain at the forefront of innovation through the use of business applications offered by Orange and its Partners’ Ecosystem. Business applications are a way to face current competitiveness challenges by allowing to rethink the organization and to work even more effectively. With business apps, you can access valuable information wherever and whenever you want, automate and digitize your business processes and optimize user experience with mobile devices.

Choose Orange for reliable applications and realise considerable operational savings.

Unique offering − B2B applications

Professionals from the ‘mobile world’ at your service

You can choose from the best professional applications developed by our Orange Group specialists and by partners carefully selected for their expertise and proven experience.

Effective applications fully tailored to your needs

We offer you a range of applications that are fully tailored to your corporate identity and

that integrate seamlessly into your systems.

Standard applications offered by our partners

Manage your mobile teams in real-time

With Aidoo Mobile, you position your teams, send work orders, and manage their planning in real-time.

Optimise your interventions in the field

With PictBase Air, you optimise interventions at your customer sites by greatly simplifying the time- consuming administration. The result: you are more effective in the field.

More efficiency for your marketing and sales teams

Ensure that your marketing and sales teams are optimally aligned thanks to Showpad, an application for managing sales material. Share your special offers with your customers in just a few clicks, and get analyses and reports on your commercial activities in real-time.

Automated management of your expense accounts

With Xpenditure, you automate all of your expense account processing − resulting in enormous time-savings.

Customised applications offered by our partners

Digitise your processes

With Endare, you simplify the processing of your operational or production processes by taking full advantage of today’s technologies (Google Glasses, smart watches, iBeacons and smart sensors, and more). So you can have applications developed that are completely tailored to your business context.

Raise your employee satisfaction

With Flow Pilots, you design customised mobile applications for greater employee efficiency and productivity.

Applications offered by Orange

Conference calls made easy

Take advantage of a simple and effective solution for contacting 5 others people simultaneously using Conference Call. No need to draw up a list in advance or dial a particular number. No specific app is needed and it’s included in your mobile subscription.

Fixed becomes mobile

Benefit from the functionalities of a telephone exchange on your mobile device. Receive calls to your fixed number on your mobile, so you're in touch on your fixed number even when traveling.

Get more out of the mobile technologies

Secure access to your data

Manage the applications on your employees’ tablets and mobile devices, and block access to data in the event of theft.

Give your employees the best devices

Business applications are extremely efficient resources that require customised smartphones or tablets. Orange has selected the best devices for you.

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