Hardware Bonus Program

Combine your mobile subscription with  the best 5G devices

We offer the best network... and the best 5G devices! With every 24-month subscription to Shape Ultimate, Traveller or Intense you get a purchase voucher valid for a selection of 5G devices. Have your order delivered at work or receive vouchers that can be exchanged in our shops.


Galaxy A32
1 Shape HBP

An extensive smartphones and tablets range...

239.63€ 0 with
1 Shape HBP


Galaxy Xcover 5

363.60€ 0 with
2 Shape HBP


Galaxy A52

371.86€ 0 with
2 Shape HBP


XR refurbished

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Three good reasons to enrol in  the Hardware Bonus Program


Your staff deserve nothing but the best

Our experts have tested and approved all of our smartphones and tablets. This way your staff have modern devices at their disposal that meet your professional needs.


Delivery  at work

Have your smartphones delivered at work or give your staff vouchers they can exchange in one of our shops.


Two-year  warranty

You get a two-year warranty on our devices, also on Apple products.

5G devices and so much more

Ask advice from our Business Experts

Your Business Expert will advise you on the models that best meet your needs.

Choose from the very best 5G devices

Every device in our catalogue was handpicked by Orange based on what it can do.

Combine modern devices with an unlimited Shape formula

Choose one of our tariff plans Shape Ultimate, Shape Traveller and Shape Intense.

Get more from your mobile devices

Discover how to become even better at managing your mobile devices.

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