Smart browsing on vacation: 8 tips

8 tips online vakantie

Finally you’re enjoying that relaxing skiing or end-of-year holiday abroad but you still need to contact your colleagues from time to time to follow up on a project. Naturally you want to do so hassle-free. All the more reason to be prepared and keep the following tips in mind if you want to be kept in the loop while you’re away.

1 - Don’t check your emails every five minutes

Disable the automatic downloading of emails on your mobile and laptop. Also, configure your mail app to only download email headers and to download the entire email when you open it. This saves a lot of data from your monthly allowance. Read and answer your emails just once a day.


2 - Visit mobile websites

Often your smartphone will automatically load the mobile version of the websites you visit but sometimes you may have to make this selection yourself by inserting ‘m.’ or ‘mobile.’ before the address of the website. A mobile website loads faster and uses less data. Do the same on your laptop.


3 - Choose the right tariff plan before your departure

Choose the right mobile tariff plan before you leave if you don’t want to worry about whether or not your hotel has (free) WiFi. Think carefully what you need during your stay abroad. Do you want to call, text and browse? Or do you only want to call and text, or just browse? We have the perfect tariff plan for every possible scenario: check the tariff plans for international calls and roaming. You can choose a bespoke option, both for data and for calls, both for frequent and occasional use.


4 - Monitor your data consumption

The My Orange app is an easy way of checking how much of your available data allowance has been used. The app tells you in a blink of an eye how much data you have left. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows and can be used both in Belgium and abroad.

 5 - Avoid excessive costs

To protect you against excessive costs Orange automatically activates the Travel Data Controlservice. This service terminates your data connection abroad as soon as you exceed your included data allowance by €50 (VAT excl.). With the My Orange app you can set your own spending limit. You are notified when 80% and 100% of your limit is reached. At 100% the data connection is blocked.

 6 - Download large files in advance

It’s better to download large files before you travel abroad. So decide in advance what you will need to follow up on your work while abroad and save those files on your smartphone or laptop. This also goes for mobile apps or any software you may need: install or update them in advance.

 7 - Only enable data roaming temporarily

On most smartphones it doesn’t take long to enable or disable data roaming. So why not disable data roaming to keep your phone apps from inadvertently eating through your data allowance? On those moments when you do need internet access you can simply enable and subsequently disable data roaming.

 8 - Texting

Texting colleagues is often a lot cheaper than calling or even emailing them. Texting is your cheapest option when you’re abroad and you can explain or ask something in just a few words.


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