4 benefits of the Orange 4G network


Thanks to the convergence of the fixed and mobile services on the Orange network, 4G is not only useful on the go; it can also benefit your company site. 4G offers important benefits, either as a replacement or as a backup for your fixed connection.

Because Orange’s fixed and mobile networks are fully integrated (convergence), it often no longer matters whether your connection is fixed or mobile, as long as you are online. If a cable gets damaged during digging work and your internet connection fails, your entire business will shut down. Fortunately, 4G backup will automatically switch your system to a 4G mobile connection. Another option is temporary 4G mobile access for a popup store or pending permanent access, for example.

What are the benefits of using 4G for your data network?

1. Speed

The speed of the 4G network approaches that of a fixed VDSL connection: up to 30 Mbps downstream and 16 Mbps upstream. Latency is very low, so even applications such as VoIP are possible with 4G. This means that you can’t tell whether you are using a fixed or mobile connection in practice.

2. Reliability

A fixed network is very reliable, but is sometimes unavoidably affected by issues such as cable breakages or power failures. In that case, 4G backup offers a second, independent connection to the Orange network. In case of any connection problems, your network will automatically switch to the 4G network. Orange will supply 4G backup with a second router connected to your primary router with HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol). Both routers share an IP and MAC address and constantly exchange their status using the HSRP protocol. The 4G router will take on the responsibility of the primary router as soon as the latter has no connection. The transition will be transparent to your network. Once the connection issue is resolved, the 4G router will discontinue the mobile connection and the network traffic will use the fixed connection again.

3. Fast installation

If you want to create a new fixed connection for a company site, the actual works that need to be carried out may delay delivery. In that case, a temporary 4G connection is a fast and reliable alternative. All we need to do is set your site’s IP configuration in the 4G router and install the router at your company site. Once the fixed connection is completed, you can continue to use the 4G router as a backup connection for the site or you can use it as a temporary connection at another site.

4. Security

Orange will provide the 4G connections for your sites with a shielded Access Point Name (APN) to which other mobile network users have no access. The 4G connections do not use the public internet. We configure your sites with 4G access within your MPLS network to ensure they all get the same high security.

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