Always enough data with the Orange roaming bundles


Whether you travel outside the EU occasionally or regularly, the new roaming bundles always offer you enough volume to send emails and browse the internet. Orange’s extensive range has the perfect bundle for your needs.

When you’re going abroad for work, inside or outside the EU, you want to have mobile data like you would have at home. But what if you exceed the data limits for your bundle? To prevent this from happening, Orange is launching new roaming bundles with more data volume. You’ll always have what you need. You also avoid those being surprised by unexpected additional charges. Here is an overview of these new roaming bundles.


Best Destinations Data and World Data

If you travel outside the EU on a regular basis, the Best Destinations Data bundle is the option for you. For a monthly fee of €95 (excl. VAT), you get 3 GB in the Best Destinations zone. This zone includes 23 countries such as the USA, Switzerland, the Russian Federation, China, India and Singapore. The bundle is not valid in the EU, where your national data bundle applies.

If you travel to countries outside the Best Destinations zone on a regular basis, it is best to opt for World Data. This monthly option offers you 2 GB for use anywhere in the world outside the EU. For €330 a month, you have full use of your devices, allowing you to send emails, browse the internet, download and upload files, have videoconferences and much more outside the EU.


A Pass

If you only occasionally travel outside the EU, a Best Destinations Pass is your best bet. This 3 GB bundle is valid in the Best Destinations zone for 40 days. It costs just €95 (excl. VAT).

For occasional trips outside the Best Destinations zone, go for the World Data Pass. This 2 GB bundle is valid for 40 days all over the world, except the EU. It costs €330 (excl. VAT). 


Mix and match

If you already have one of the monthly bundles but still need more volume, purchase a Pass to avoid exceeding your bundle. 


Always enough volume whenever and wherever you need it

Whether you travel outside the EU occasionally or regularly, the new Orange bundles always offer enough data. Don’t risk exceeding your existing bundle.


Give yourself peace of mind. See the data bundles and their conditions.

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