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Each employee is different. A flexible range of mobile data is more essential than ever. The Orange Shape range ensures each employee has the right amount of data that they can always verify and that you, the employer, can easily modify.

The economy is picking up. More business also means a greater need for (mobile) data for employees. After all, data are crucial to productivity and loads of data power will help your company move forward more quickly.

The only issue is that the amount of data required by employees tends to vary a great deal. They may have very different jobs and very different ways of working, so their data needs will be different too. Some employees may often be on the go or abroad. Others may only travel sporadically. Whatever their data needs are, we have a suitable data option or customised roaming bundle for every employee. 

Shape by Orange gives companies a mobile solution that is tailored to each employee. Shape’s flexible rate plan consists of six formulas: Light, Basic, Plus, Ultimate, Intense and Traveller. This range allows companies to meet the needs of all their employees. Shape Intense includes no less than 20 GB of data, for example.

The formulas are also easy to change. Employees can use their My Orange app to check their rate plan and usage. This will show them whether they have sufficient data. If necessary, they can then ask their mobile devices manager to make adjustments. Shape is transparent, flexible and convenient.

More information on Shape by Orange Belgium is available here.

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