Device Manager: discover the new features


Smartphones and tablets help your employees work more efficiently. But are these devices managed with the same efficiency? Thanks to Device Manager and its handy new features, you can manage your smartphones and tablets from one central location.

Smartphones and tablets have proved their usefulness on the shop floor many times over, especially for employees who are often on the road. Making a quick appointment, looking up information about a product or service, answering urgent questions from colleagues… It turns your business into a flexible organisation. Orange helps you manage all these devices efficiently from one central location with the aid of Device Manager.

The benefits of Device Manager

Device Manager is a mobile device management (MDM) cloud solution that helps you manage and protect all the mobile devices used by your employees.

Better security
Device Manager protects all your company devices against external attacks. The company data on the individual devices remains encrypted, and in the event of loss or theft you can block access and delete the data remotely.

Overview of your company data
Device Manager makes it easy to select which apps to install from a distance on your employees’ devices, as well as who has access to what company data. Moreover, Device Manager guarantees that every app is updated with the latest version.

Efficient maintenance
The more employees use mobile devices, the greater the need for support. Thanks to Device Manager, employees don’t have to come in to work or hand over their device. Diagnostics and adjustments can easily be performed from a distance with a real-time overview of the settings on every device.

Cloud solution
Device Manager is a cloud solution, which means you don’t need infrastructure. This also allows you to personally add and remove monthly licences to suit the needs of your business and its employees.

New features: improved security and data management
Device Manager has been expanded with several handy features that meet the needs of your business even better. Protecting your company data is essential. That’s why every Android app is automatically checked for security breaches and threats before downloading.

A smartphone or tablet can also be a form of additional remuneration in kind for your employees. With the new Device Manager features, you can be sure the devices are used in the right way throughout the working day. For instance, you can choose not to make certain apps such as social media or streaming services available during working hours. Then, in their free time, your employees can take full advantage of their device. From now on, you can also block data roaming outside the EU, so your company doesn’t face excessive roaming charges. That way, a driver who often has to pass through Switzerland, for example, will no longer have to worry about data consumption.

Gentse Kabelwerken opts for Device Manager

Gentse Kabelwerken (GKW) , one of Belgium’s leading cabling contractors, manages some 50 tablets and a dozen smartphones with Device Manager. Security is the main reason they opted for Device Manager:

“Thanks to Device Manager, our devices aren’t exposed to dangerous software. And, in the event of theft or loss, all the company data on the devices can be erased remotely. Device Manager gives us great peace of mind.”


What’s more, Device Manager helps to limit data consumption on GKW’s devices.

“In the past, our devices were occasionally used to stream music or watch football games. We’ve found that blocking certain applications such as YouTube makes a huge difference to data consumption.”



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