Device Manager: smart mobile workplace management


Your employees' favourite device is their smartphone. To raise their productivity and improve security, you need a solution for managing mobile devices. 

The days when we only worked in the office are long gone. In many workplaces, employees prefer to use their smartphone or tablet rather than their computer. These devices allow them to work flexibly, almost anywhere, and increase their productivity.

To provide your employees with the best possible support, it’s best to make company information available on their mobile devices as well. But this presents some challenges. For example, mobile working increases security risks, such as theft or loss of a device. And supporting multiple types of mobile devices is no easy task either.

With Device Manager, Orange delivers an easy-to-use solution to manage and secure your mobile fleet, starting from Android 8.0 and iOS 5.0. Device Manager has the following benefits.


Secure access

Device Manager safeguards company information from unauthorised access by requiring mobile devices to be locked with a PIN code or password. Additionally, attachments to an email from the company can only be shared with approved apps to prevent data breaches. You can define different user groups, each with their own rights. And if a device is lost or stolen, you can easily erase all work-related emails, documents and other data remotely.


Remote installation and configuration

You can install and update company apps on your employees' mobile devices remotely. Similarly, you can configure the devices, for example, with secure settings to filter out malicious or inappropriate websites. And if your employees do run into a problem, you can help them remotely, so they don’t need to take their device to the helpdesk.


No infrastructure required

Device Manager is a cloud solution. As a result, you can start using it immediately without IT skills and do not need any of your own IT infrastructure. The entire management of your mobile fleet takes place from a single, secure web page. Central to this is a dashboard with an overview of the fleet. This way, you can immediately see if a device is no longer being used or if the operating system is outdated.



You can give your employees access to a self-service portal, so they can remotely locate or wipe their device themselves in the event of loss. And if the number of users changes, you can easily adjust the number of licences. Each month, you can add or cancel licences according to your needs.


Orange is already managing more than 300,000 mobile devices with Device Manager. Are you interested in this for your mobile fleet too? Take the test and discover the added value for your company!

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