Enjoy optimal coverage indoors as well


In new office buildings the stricter insulation standards can weaken the mobile signal. To guarantee optimum range for your staff, we have developed solutions to boost the signal in your office building.

A strong mobile signal in your company is essential for your employees to work optimally. But sometimes that signal is too weak. This can be due to one of the following factors:

  • Regional governments curb the transmit power of cell towers.
  • Rural areas don’t have enough cell towers to ensure optimal coverage.
  • The insulation material prescribed by modern insulation standards (S-level 31 in 2018) weakens the mobile signal.

If your office building is affected by any of the above-mentioned influences, it may be difficult for your staff to make and receive mobile calls at work. They probably also have problems browsing on their mobile. Fortunately boosting the range in your office building is really quite simple. We offer several solutions depending on the surface area of the building and the coverage and capacity required.


Network Extender

The Network Extender is a standard solution that links your mobile with the building’s internet connection. This femtocell, which is an additional antenna to boost the signal, offers 3G coverage on a single floor within a 20 metre radius.


Custom-tailored solutions

For larger surface areas, a multi-storey office building or multiple sites, we analyse your situation on site and design a bespoke solution. We install the necessary femtocells, or antennas, a Base Transceiver Station or a repeater.

Whichever solution is rolled out, both the installation and configuration are handled by certified experts. Moreover, the internet connection that is used to link up the femtocell doesn’t have to be an Orange connection; it just has to meet a number of technical requirements.


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