Fairphone: sustainable smartphones brimming with innovation


Businesses can find it difficult to combine necessary digital transitions with their commitment to sustainability. Fairphone helps them do both. 

In 2023, two-thirds of Fairphone smartphones sold by Orange Belgium were destined for the professional market. This is no coincidence. It shows that sustainable smartphones offer reliable top-level performance, while at the same time illustrating that Belgian businesses are searching for solutions to improve their social and ecological impact.


Reconciling technology and ecology

At Orange Belgium it is our mission to support businesses in their digital growth. But as a company ourselves, we also want to takeresponsibility when it comes to sustainability. Searching for that balance between digital growth and societal responsibility is a challenge many businesses face today.

The company Fairphone, known for marketing sustainable smartphones, is considered a true innovator in this field. Their innovative offerings manage to reconcile today's technological and environmental challenges, deserving the label 'smart' more than ever.


Lifespan as a secret weapon

Did you know that electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste in the world? These figures say it all:

  • 1.5 billion smartphones sold every year
  • An average lifespan of just 2 to 3 years
  • Just 20% are recycled or reused

Faced with this huge ecological impact, Fairphone deploys its secret weapon: the lifespan of their devices. Fairphone markets modular smartphones. Parts such as the battery or screen can be ordered separately, making the phones easy to repair and upgrade, as well asoffering an economically viable alternative over the long term.

The company guarantees that all its materials are sourced responsibly and sustainably. It reuses a large portion of its plastics and metals and also invests in recycling and remediation. Fairphone also engages in fair labour practices for all of its global staff..


A genuine solution for the company of today... and tomorrow

Companies that opt for smartphones by Fairphone provide their employees with a high-performance work tool, thereby demonstrating their commitment to a sustainable future. The conscious choice for more sustainability contributes to the positive image of every company, and, in the long run, it will also be a deciding factor for both customers and employees.


Is your business also taking steps towards more sustainability without sacrificing efficiency? Discover Fairphone in the Customer Zone.

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