A first in Belgium: unlimited calls and data in the EU


From Antwerp to Zaragoza: Orange business customers now benefit from unlimited calls, texts and mobile data all across the EU. Orange is the first Belgian operator to make this offer available. 

Bye-bye limits, farewell dilemma

Additional charges for international calls or mobile data use are never fun. But neither is constantly monitoring your calling and internet use. Especially not when you’re on the go all day and need to make mobile calls, send emails, download files and WhatsApp for business purposes. 

No wonder you often exceed your bundle or need to purchase additional call credit. The alternative is even worse: missing out on business deals because you’re cutting costs on your mobile calling and data traffic. A dilemma, in other words.


Hello solution

Suppose there was a formula giving you a fixed monthly bill in return for unlimited calls and data use in Belgium as well as in and to the EU. No offer like this has previously been available in Belgium. Now there is. And it’s all thanks to Orange. 


One fixed bill. Unlimited calls and data.

Since 4 March 2019, Orange has offered you the ideal formula.Tthe formulas Shape Intense and Shape Traveller, and the options National Unlimited Intense (new!) and National Unlimited Traveller now include mobile data use, unlimited calls and texts in Belgium, and in and to the EU. Available to both new and existing customers, this offer puts Orange miles ahead of other Belgian operators. While they offer similar formulas, they don’t offer everything at the same time (e.g. unlimited calls and texts to the EU in one formula and unlimited mobile data in another) or the offer is limited to Belgium.

Just consider the advantages Orange offers:

  • No more hassle on the go. No matter how much you call or download, you can never exceed your limit. Your productivity gets a boost.
  • You get one monthly bill for an amount you know in advance. Perfect budget control and no more unpleasant surprises.


Contact your account manager or activate more Intense and Traveller formulas, National Unlimited Traveller options or the new National Unlimited Intense option in the Customer Zone.

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