Four scenarios for the Enterprise Messaging SMS tool


In many situations text messages are the ideal way of communicating with customers or staff. Appointment reminders, surveys or two-factor authentication are all perfect scenarios for our Enterprise Messaging tool.

In each of the following scenarios, Enterprise Messaging can handle your communication efficiently:


1. Appointment reminders

The day before an appointment, the systems used in a hospital, group practice or mechanic automatically send the customer a text reminder with the time of the appointment as well as other useful information. As text messages are more likely to be read than emails, Enterprise Messaging reminders have maximum effect.


2. Notifications and reports

The attendance registration systems at schools are linked to Enterprise Messaging. Parents are notified via text message when their children are absent from school. School staff can work more efficiently as they no longer need to spend time trying to contact parents.


3. Basic surveys

A garage or mechanic can use Enterprise Messaging to carry out a short satisfaction survey among its customers. One day after their servicing appointment, every customer receives a text message asking to send back a score reflecting their satisfaction. 


4. Two-factor authentication

A bank protects its online banking website using two-factor authentication. Every time a customer logs into the website they are asked to key in a code that the authentication system for the website forwards to their mobile phone via Enterprise Messaging.


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