Full insight into into your network traffic


Orange is constantly innovating. An example? Network Performance Management (NPM), which helps you analyse all data flows on your network. 

At Orange, innovation is always a priority. We are part of the Orange Group, which has more than 5,000 research and development employees worldwide, and we make sure to offer you the most advanced technologies.

An IP VPN private business network allows you to enjoy a number of innovative applications including Network Performance Management (NPM), which allows you to analyse all your network data flows, and Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU), which integrates your mobile phones with your IPBX telephone exchange.


The problem: little insight into network traffic

How frustrating is it when your network applications underperform? A study by the University of Maryland shows that users spend an average 42% of their time dealing with frustrating experiences on their computers. It is even more infuriating when you just can't identify the cause of the performance problems because you don’t have a clear view of the data flows. How much bandwidth does your IP VPN solution have available? How much does each application use? And are the performance problems caused by the application, the server or the network?


The solution: Network Performance Management

Orange Network Performance Management enables you to analyse all the data flows in your IP VPN network. It is then easy to identify bottlenecks for each individual application across all your sites.

Orange uses TruView – one of the market leaders in this field – for its Network Performance Management. It is a flexible solution that grows with your network, analysing all the data flows for every location on your IP VPN network. As this managed service is fully integrated into the Orange network, you don't have to invest in hardware or software. The monthly fee even includes on-site training to show you how to use TruView and interpret the reports.


The problem: missed calls and work-life balance

Are your employees always available on a landline or can they only be reached on their mobile when they are on the go? Do your customers have to guess whether to call the landline or mobile number? And if they make the wrong choice, do they have to try again using the other number? Your customer wastes time, and your employee has the hassle of following up on the missed calls. 

Employees often find it difficult to separate their work from their private lives. If they give their mobile phone number to customers, they’re likely to be disturbed at home. And if an employee leaves your company, his or her successor needs to give out a new mobile number to all customers.


The solution: Fixed Mobile Unification

Orange Fixed Mobile Unification integrates your mobile phones with the IPBX telephone exchange on your IP VPN network. You decide whether incoming landline calls are forwarded to the employee's mobile phone or landline, or both. This means customers only need to call one number. Your employees will never unnecessarily miss any calls again. And when employees make outgoing calls from their mobile phones, their landline number is displayed.

You can even set up the system so calls made outside working hours are no longer automatically forwarded to the employee's mobile phone. In case of absence or illness, calls can be forwarded to a colleague. When an employee leaves the company, you link the successor's mobile to the landline number, so your customers will never feel abandoned. 

Would you like to know more about how Orange allows your employees to efficiently communicate, collaborate and share data? Discover our solutions here.

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