Sharing data to get ahead


Data is your business’s raw material. It gives you an edge: insights from data allow you to do business in an efficient, targeted way. Your staff must be able to work together easily on this data wherever they are: the office, at home or on the road.

According to the new study “B2B ICT Priorities Compass” by Beltug, the Belgian association of CIOs and digital technology leaders, the hybrid workplace is high on the priority list. Naturally this has everything to do with the challenges of the past two years: the rapid, large-scale switch to working at home, in combination with a gradual return to offices over the past few months.


Home, hub and headquarters

Teleworking has recently become firmly established, but only a minority of employees wish to work from home full-time. Personal contact with colleagues, customers and suppliers remains irreplaceable. In the Beltug study, more than 7 in 10 CIOs say that the new reality will consist of two to three days of homeworking per week. In other words, the workplace of the future is a combination of home, hub and headquarters, where employees use several devices in parallel.


All employees of a company have to be able to work together efficiently.


Koen Van Echelpoel
Marketing Manager B2B at Orange


Always being able to work without problems

Because we are constantly changing where we work, easily accessing data has become increasingly important. Tools like Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU) and a mobile subscription with a generous data bundle are essential for this. With these tools, a company offers its employees the flexibility they expect from their employer. Being able to work without problems, anywhere and anytime: that’s the new baseline.   

At the same time, it’s not only the needs of employees that are evolving. Customers too are gradually acquiring more channels for communicating with a business. “All employees of a company have to be able to work together efficiently,” says Koen Van Echelpoel, Marketing Manager B2B at Orange. “And very often this collaboration rests on the sharing of data. This constitutes the basis with which organisations optimise their activities and improve interaction with their users, both internal employees and customers and partners.”



A customer-oriented organisation opts for an omnichannel approach that leads to better customer relations. On average, a customer contacts a company via four to five different channels. That’s a challenge for teleworking. Even when they work at home, a company’s employees have to remain fully accessible for customers.

“With the right tools, that can happen without problems and the employees continue to communicate smoothly by telephone, live chat, video and social media,” says Van Echelpoel, “in particular via a UCC solution that centralises voice calls, chat, email and social media.” The solutions from Orange ensure that employees, customers, suppliers and other partners continue to consult, meet, collaborate and share data optimally.


Would you like to know more about how Orange allows your employees to efficiently communicate, collaborate and share data? Discover our solutions here.

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