A hassle-free smartphone repair service?


Does one of your employees have a faulty phone? Orange will repair it without inconveniencing your business. The new optimisations of our Easy Repair service raise the bar for online repair services. 

In many companies, smartphones and tablets have become a standard, indispensable extension of the office or the work floor. As a result, a malfunctioning device can be a major inconvenience. Quick repair and timely delivery of a temporary replacement device ensure that neither your employees nor your business suffer negative consequences.


Repairs without impact on your business

Suppose one of your employees has a faulty company device. With Easy Repair, you can have your devices repaired with minimal impact on your business. This goes for all tablets, smartphones and accessories, even ones you didn’t buy from Orange.

Other telecom providers require you to hand in your device at a physical shop. At Orange, we prefer to make life easier for your employees. We collect your faulty device at a time and place of your choosing. Do you need a replacement device? The following working day, we’ll deliver a device that you can use for as long as it takes to repair yours.

Thanks to Easy Repair simple repairs can be done without you having to move. What’s more, thanks to the replacement device your employee can simply keep working.


No unpleasant surprises

We use track-and-trace and email to keep you apprised of the various stages of the repair process. This way, you’re in control. And what about the costs? You can keep those in check as well. If the repair falls within the stated warranty period, everything – transport, repair and replacement device – is included in the service costs. If not, you’ll receive a quote beforehand. Once your device is repaired, a three-month warranty period applies.


Ultra-fast repairs

We continually strive to do better for you and your business and that is why we have optimised Easy Repair. The performance of the app has been significantly upgraded so repairs can be requested even more easily. The repair process itself has also been optimised, making the repair even smoother.

Would you like your employees to be able to use their own device even faster? Then activate the fast-track option for just 8.27 € (ex VAT) for a guaranteed repair (transport included) within three working days.


Interested in hassle-free repairs? Then check out Easy Repair.

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