How can you give your employees sufficient mobile data?


Mobile data makes teleworking easier. If you need more mobile data, make the change in your Customer Zone now. 

In recent weeks, mobile data usage has increased exponentially due to the large number of people working from home. In response to this evolution, we are offering an additional 5 GB of mobile data to all our Shape and Shape Corporate customers (valid for 46 days).

Adjust your rate plans yourself

If your employees need more data, you can easily adjust the rate plans. Visit your online Customer Zone and choose the data bundle your employees need to do their work properly. 

Make mobile working more flexible

Mobile working doesn’t mean your employees have to compromise on comfort during their work. The Surf Extra Card allows them to use their mobile data on several devices, including a laptop and tablet. Request your Surf Extra Card in the Customer Zone


If you need more mobile data or more comfort for your teleworkers, arrange everything quickly and easily in the Customer Zone.

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