How to organise teleworking in the long term?


Research shows that the majority of employees want to keep teleworking. How can you organise telework in the long term?

During the lockdown, many companies clung to the same lifeline to stay afloat: teleworking. Recent research has shown that in just a short time, teleworking has evolved from an emergency measure into a popular and productive way of working. Many employees have indicated that they want to keep working remotely once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

For many companies this is a genuine turnaround. In spring, many organisations implemented provisional measures to make teleworking possible. However, it is becoming clear that many of these arrangements are not viable in the long term.

But how should you go about introducing a culture of long-term teleworking? In our white paper we shed light on several teleworking studies and identify the factors to take into account when introducing teleworking in your business.


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