Itsme®, your digital ID, secure on your smartphone


We don’t need to tell you how crucial it is to keep your digital identity and data safe. Of course, you don’t want to remember a long list of logins and passwords, and who can blame you? Thanks to the itsme@ app this is no longer necessary.

Our society is becoming more digital every day. How many logins and passwords do you need to remember? Too many? Then the itsme® app is just the thing. Your smartphone, your Orange SIM card and a single code are all you need to log in safely from anywhere, with complete respect for your privacy. itsme® is an initiative by Belgian Mobile ID: a consortium that brings together Belgian banks and telecom providers, including Orange.


Why choose itsme®?

Today a safe digital ID is a must if you’re going to share data or sign official documents. itsme® makes this possible and what’s more, you only need to remember a single code. No more endless lists of user names and passwords and no more card reader to confirm digital actions. Simply download the app to your smartphone and create an itsme® account with your card reader and your bank card or eID card. From there your 5-digit itsme® code allows you log on safely. This undoubtedly saves a lot of time.


A single app for everything, is this safe?

Logging on for a host of online services using a single code that is linked to your SIM card and smartphone. How safe is this? It’s even safer than using a bank card with a code because itsme® only works through your smartphone, your SIM card and your personal itsme® code. Moreover, your mobile transactions don’t simply go over the internet; instead you’re using a highly secure SIM card and the Orange network.


And what about privacy considerations?

Naturally you’re not looking to share your personal data with the world. You can rest assured: itsme® conforms to European regulations on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) as well as the European privacy regulation (GDPR). Your data couldn’t be safer. In addition, with itsme® you only share the information you choose to make available. This means you maintain control over your privacy at all times.


Download the itsme® app here

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