New: monitor daily consumption in the Customer Zone


It’s annoying to find at the end of the month that your employees have used more than their rate plan allows. You can now keep close track of the consumption of your fleet in the Customer Zone. So you can take action right away and avoid excessive costs.

The Customer Zone already enabled you to select the most suitable rate plan for each employee and easily adjust it for the upcoming billing period. This is a useful feature when you know in advance that someone has to travel abroad or will need more data in a specific period.

However, if unforeseen circumstances caused one of your employees to consume more than usual, you would only find out at the end of the billing period. Thanks to the new Customer Zone update, this is no longer an issue.


Daily overview

The Customer Zone now provides an overview of the daily consumption of all mobiles in your fleet. If the consumption of one of your employees is unusually high, you can take immediate action. In just a few clicks you can add an extra data bundle or change the rate plan for the employee in question, allowing you to keep your fleet costs under control.


How does it work?

  1. Log in to the Customer Zone
  2. Open the ‘Invoices’ tab and go to the overview page with the consumption per number. You’ll notice right away when the consumption of one of your employees has increased.
  3. Click ‘View details’ to bring up a detailed overview per number.
  4. Check the details of the increased consumption. Does your employee need a different rate plan, an extra option or a larger data bundle? Simply click through and make the change.


Any questions? See the FAQ section or contact our customer service.



Monitoring the consumption of your employees is simple. Log in to the Customer Zone .

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