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Strict new regulations were introduced last weekend to limit the further spread of the coronavirus. Just like other businesses, you are no doubt looking for a new way of working. Orange is here to support you. Our teams are doing all they can to provide the support you need so that you and your employees can carry on working in the best possible conditions.

What is the impact on the company network when your employees work from home?

More teleworking means more traffic on your servers. If your connection is with Orange, we’ll happily check whether your connection is able to deal with this extra traffic. That way, all your processes can keep running in the same way as if your employees were logging in locally.

How can you stay in touch with colleagues and employees?

In these difficult times, it’s more important than ever to keep in contact with friends, family and colleagues. With UC&C solutions (Unified Communication and Collaboration), your employees can seamlessly work together and stay in touch. It also ensures you will never miss a call from a customer.

Looking for a quick and efficient way to bring your entire team up to speed? With the Enterprise Messaging communication tool, you can text your employees crucial updates quickly and efficiently.

Even when employees urgently need an internet connection, Orange can help. Various solutions such as our Easy Internet @ Home ensure they will quickly be operational again.

How do I combine teleworking with my IT security?

Needless to say, guaranteeing your cyber security is an absolute priority. For every application, the right permissions and restrictions must be in place and all connections must use a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Wherever they are, your employees need secure access to company information. Orange is happy to help you find secure teleworking solutions.

Do you need a homeworking policy? We can help!

Teleworking requires a policy to ensure both you and your employees know exactly what homeworking entails and what is expected of them. We can put you in contact with sector organisations that have examples of teleworking policies. You simply adapt your chosen model to your company’s specific situation.

Finally, Orange is offering all its business customers an additional data allowance of 5GB, so they can keep in contact with friends, family and colleagues.

Orange is here to support you. Contact your Orange account manager now.

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