Our exit strategy? Safety first!


After several weeks of quarantine, business life is beginning to start again, provided that the safety regulations can be respected. At Orange, we continue to opt for videoconferencing and service provision at a distance. It’s safer for you and for us!

Protection on site

However, if your business requires a visit from our sales representatives or technical intervention teams, that will be possible from 11 May. We have developed the following guidelines for on-site appointments:

  • We are happy to go through the security measures with you in advance. This allows us to ensure that both your and our regulations can be respected.
  • Our staff will always carry a safety kit containing face mask and hand gel.
  • During appointments, our colleagues should visit as few rooms as possible.

Visits to more hazardous buildings such as hospitals and care homes will be examined internally beforehand and discussed with the appropriate management.

What about our other services?

The regulations above apply to on-site appointments. But what about other services from Orange? Take a look in your Customer Zone, where you will find various options:

  • Request repairs
  • Add options & passes
  • Adjust bundles when restarting your business

From 11 May, Orange shops will gradually reopen, with respect for everyone’s safety. Our shops will be arranged to ensure we can follow all the security measures. Do you prefer to stay completely safe? After 11 May, you can still count on our helpline or online support from our colleagues. And you can visit the Customer Zone 24/7.


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