PBX or cloud: the telephony solution for your SME


Should you choose a traditional telephone switchboard (PBX) or cloud-based telephony? The decision comes down to your business, budget and needs. Our video demonstrates both systems. Make the comparison and pick the solution that best suits you.

A traditional telephone switchboard or PBX (private branch exchange) is an internal system that can also be connected to the public phone network or the internet. As a company, this means you can answer both internal and external calls, forward calls, set up conference calls and more. The core of the system is physically located in your building.

Cloud telephony uses the internet instead of traditional phone lines or the mobile network. Customers use a platform that’s managed, secured and maintained by a provider. Accounts can be easily configured across multiple locations. In addition to the standard functions, users benefit from a number of additional options such as voicemail and email.


Which solution is right for your business?

Our video compares the two systems. What are the installation requirements? How much do they cost? And what about security? Find out now in the video below and make the right choice for your business.



Will you choose cloud telephony? Discover Cloud Telephony by Orange!

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