Precision work on the water: 5G helps tugboats


Tugboats manoeuvre large cargo ships into the port of Antwerp. This job requires a great deal of precision and experience. Fortunately, the captains can count on 5G to support them as they do their jobs.

Container ships are often too unwieldy to enter a port by themselves. They rely on the help of tugboats that push or pull them to the right dock. Large cargo ships are usually accompanied by two tugboats that need to work in perfect unison without actually seeing each other.

The Port of Antwerp wants to assist the tugboats in these tasks by using the 5G network from Orange. A moving camera on the tugboat sends images to the control room in real time. Thanks to 5G, these images can be viewed almost instantly. This ensures that each tugboat knows exactly what the other one is doing at any given time.



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