Test: Is your cybersecurity strong enough?


Unfortunately, digitalisation and cybercrime go hand in hand. Your company probably has several security applications in place, but how confident are you that they provide adequate protection? Use our self-scan to find out.

With companies committing fully to digitalisation, there are fresh opportunities for cybercriminals. Cyberattacks have not only become much more frequent over the last few years, they are also becoming much more complex. What’s striking is that no company is safe, regardless of its size. And while businesses have gradually become aware of the problem, they often have no idea how to ensure optimum protection for their confidential data and that of their clients.

Self-scan: How well-protected is your business?

Are you wondering how protected your company really is? Is your IT security mature enough to block complex attacks? Or are you afraid that your cyber shield may have the odd flaw?

Just a few questions are enough to determine how strong your IT security is right now. Which aspects of your security infrastructure are adequate and which are open to improvement? Take our test and find out!

When it comes to IT security, you can’t take any chances. Take the test and find out just how robust your cybersecurity really is.

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