Webinar: let’s grow together as entrepreneurs


Companies now seem more ready than ever to grow. As an experienced ICT partner, Orange Belgium is glad to share its knowledge. In a panel discussion and series of webinars, we'll give companies practical tips for the future – from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. 

The health crisis in 2020 brought a lot of SMEs to a standstill. Now that the most difficult period is behind us, a great many entrepreneurs are ready to invest in the growth of their business. Digital transformation is an important evolution in this respect and Orange Belgium is keen to support this growth. We continue to be a partner of Trends Gazelles, the awards presented by Trends Magazine to the fastest-growing companies. 

We don't just want to share our own knowledge. After all, nothing is as valuable to an entrepreneur as the advice of another entrepreneur. We’ve already spoken to several Trends Gazelles on our Connect To Grow podcast. We are now going live with Connect To Grow and, with Voka and Trends, we’re organising a panel discussion and a series of webinars.


Panel discussion: from pandemic to growth potential

During the panel discussion, which will take place on 14 December 2021, experts and business leaders will take stock of the last few years. The pandemic forced SMEs to adapt very quickly to the new situation. Digitalisation was accelerated and new ways of working were embraced. But these changes also bring many challenges with them. Lieven Vaes (Products & Services Marketing Manager at Orange Belgium), Bart Van Craeynest (Chief Economist at Voka) and Matthias Feys (CTO ML6) will look at the economic and organisational impact of the crisis, as well as focusing on the growth potential that this new way of working brings.


Webinar series: how can SMEs grow?

In addition to the panel discussion, we are also organising four webinars, each dealing with a specific topic. Experts from Orange Belgium and several growth companies will share their knowledge to help SMEs grow. 


The webinars will cover the following topics:

  1. Digitalisation: indispensable for SMEs that want to grow
    The pandemic has boosted the digital transformation of a great many SMEs. During this webinar, we will look at the possibilities that digitalisation brings.
  2. New technologies for new ways of working and a better customer experience
    New technologies are emerging at a rapid pace, creating ever more opportunities for businesses and their customers. What are the possibilities of 5G, or how can you deploy artificial intelligence as an SME?
  3. Hybrid working, the new 9-to-5
    In the office, at home or on site? Your employees prefer to work at different locations. In this webinar, we will look at how to make it happen, what tools you need to best support hybrid working, and how to get your employees working together efficiently.
  4. IT security: your data well protected
    The explosive growth of home and remote working has not escaped the notice of cybercriminals and many SMEs have already fallen victim to online attacks. How can you protect your business? What are the requirements for a good IT security strategy?


Are you interested in these online webinars? We’ll soon be sharing all the information you need. 


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