What does the advent of 5G mean for your SME?

5G : avantages pour les PME

Just over a decade ago, the introduction of 4G signalled the breakthrough of mobile surfing among the public. The advent of 5G heralds a new digital revolution that will mainly create opportunities for business. What does this mean for your SME?

Orange is one of five providers authorised to broadcast 5G signals in Belgium. Since securing the rights to the 5G frequencies, we have started the gradual rollout of the mobile network.

The advantages of 5G for SMEs

Compared to 4G, 5G is nothing short of a revolution. It is driven by three specific characteristics.

  • Superior speed
    With 5G, the exchange of data is up to three times faster.

  • Faster response time
    The 5G network exhibits hardly any latency at all. The response time to connect with 5G is very short, making it a very stable and reliable network. 5G also makes it possible to assign part of the network to a specific customer or organisation, in case of emergency or to meet specific business needs. This guarantees a seamless connection, creating a host of opportunities for autonomous vehicles or medical services, to name but a few applications.
  • More connections possible
    With 5G, more users and devices can be connected at the same time. Together these three characteristics create a wealth of possibilities, including for SMEs. For instance, 5G allows the implementation of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. This creates many opportunities for the real estate industry, enabling potential buyers to walk around a property before it is even built, for example. Businesses in the construction and care sectors are also starting to discover the advantages of 5G.

Get started with 5G

As soon as the 5G network is rolled out in your area, you can start using it. One essential condition is of course that you have a compatible device. You also need a tariff plan that allows you to use the 5G network. As a professional Orange customer, you have nothing to worry about: opting for a Shape tariff automatically gives you access to 5G.

Need for speed?

Customers who want to get the most from their mobile network can complement their Shape Intense or Shape Traveller with the Premium Data option. This allows them to surf the 5G network at speeds of up to 1 Gbps. What’s more, they benefit from an extra-large data allowance of 70 GB per month for domestic use and 30 GB per month to surf outside the EU.


5G is generally viewed as a catalyst for new technologies. Is your SME ready to adopt these innovations? Find out all about 5G on our website.

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