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Mobiline is a unique solution in Belgium in which all your company calls – fixed and mobile – are handled by your employees’ mobile phones. This service is included as standard in Shape & Fix Comfort.

Orange is the first operator in Belgium to take this remarkable step of making your organisation more mobile. With Mobiline, your company only pays for what makes fixed lines truly useful: fixed numbers and convenient functionalities. Call forwarding, short numbers and a central voicemail are all mobile.

With Mobiline, your organisation has one or more fixed numbers, but all calls go through your employees’ mobile phones. They always know who is calling and they decide whether to provide their fixed or mobile number.

What makes Mobiline so innovative?

  • affordable: you no longer need any fixed lines or fixed devices
  • flexible: you manage your mobile and fixed calls on your smartphone
  • central: all your employees can be reached on one number
  • manageable: you can keep private and business calls separate
  • time-saving: you can transfer your colleagues at the push of a button

Discover how Mobiline works in this video.

Find out what makes Mobiline such a unique service in 3 minutes.
If you only want the advantages of fixed lines, contact your Account Manager for more information about Mobiline

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