Your old mobiles are worth money


Do your staff’s mobiles need replacing? A costly affair resulting in a heap of scrap metal? Neither, actually. Business Buyback* by Orange saves money on your next purchase while helping you to diminish the scrap heap

Recycling your devices?

Does your company need new mobile phones? Business Buyback by Orange offers a sustainable and advantageous solution. You get your discount right away.

  1. Collect your old devices, including the ones you didn’t buy from Orange.
  2. Take them to the nearest Orange shop.
  3. Our Orange sales staff will immediately calculate the takeover price of your devices based on the quantity, brand and model.  
  4. The takeover price is immediately converted into a discount with the purchase of your new devices. 

It’s easy as apple pie!


How does it work? 

Orange works with Comparecycle, a platform for certified recycling companies. They take over your old devices and in exchange you get a discount on the purchase of new tablets or smartphones

Do your old devices still work? Or can they easily be repaired? Then they will get a new lease on life on the second-hand market. First, though, all your data are professionally deleted from the device.

Is the device too expensive or impractical to repair? Then the working parts are kept for repairs and raw materials such as gold, silver, copper and palladium are sold. 


Hand in old devices

Find the nearest Orange shop and hand in your old devices.

Do you have more than 10 devices? Then we will be happy to come and collect them. Go to to request collection.


* This service is only available to Orange customers. 


Take a 'green attitude' with Orange.

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