Digitalisation helps SMEs get ahead of the pack


For many businesses, digitalisation can feel like a leap into the unknown – but consciously choosing this path brings a host of benefits. For Easy Clothes it was a choice with major consequences. Discover their story!

Today, many SMEs are fully committed to a digital transformation, as entrepreneurs start to realise the growth opportunities that digitalisation can create. There are also those businesses that commit to digitalisation from the start. Why do they do it and are they still reaping the benefits years later? We talked to Easy Clothes, a modest digital-first adopter that rapidly expanded beyond the domestic market.

Easy Clothes: International growth

The story of Wallonia-based Easy Clothes started a few years ago on a very small scale, when Martin Duchesne and Marine Grosjean started selling women’s clothes fuelled by a passion for fashion. They lacked the budget to open a physical shop so they created one on Facebook and organised sales through direct messages. Although initially the choice for digitalisation was more of a savings measure, the decision ultimately proved the key to international success.


Digitalisation in SMEs: Our expert takes the floor

Easy Clothes is an early adopter but today more and more Belgian companies are working on their digital maturity. This is what our expert, Caroline Boulenger, Director Business Sales & Business Excellence at Orange Belgium, tells us. The central question we hear from customers is: what is the best way to capitalise on the possibilities of modern technology to enable more effective operational management?

Events of recent years have played a key role in the digital evolution that is taking the business world by storm. Caroline Boulenger: “The pandemic has forced everyone to reinvent themselves. Every organisation wants to enable its members to connect in a safe and effective manner.”


What about you? How digitally mature is your business? Take our self-scan and find out! .

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