Flemish Government: “Safe traffic thanks to Orange”


The Department of Electromechanics and Telematics (EMT) of the Flemish Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV) helps to guarantee our safety on the road. These experts do so through, among other things, the use of various applications for electromechanics and telematics in which wireless telecommunications via Orange's mobile network is becoming increasingly important.

These applications can be found on roads, in tunnels and at the school gate, for example. “Absolutely crucial in this is the reliable and efficient communication between all systems, our Flemish Tunnel and Control Centre (VTC) and our customers' servers,” emphasises Koen Wardenier, head of the Networks and Telematics division. And this is precisely what Orange provides: a reliable Machine-to-Machine solution and a secure mobile network for communication with the wireless systems.  


The challenge

To monitor and manage thousands of traffic systems 

The EMT experts have to program numerous 30 km/h zone road signs around schools, ensure their correct functioning and quickly detect malfunctions. Also under this department's responsibilities are the monitoring of the tricolour traffic lights at 1,500 road crossings, the monitoring and operation of dozens of automatic traffic-diversion signs on our motorways, many waterway sounding systems and numerous other traffic systems. “The department also controls the VTC, which immediately rectifies malfunctions and disruptions. These malfunctions then need to be registered as quickly and reliably as possible,” explains Koen Wardenier.

Our task is to contribute to smoother and safer traffic with high-tech resources. And with Orange.


Koen Wardenier


The solution

A reliable Machine-to-Machine solution

“Obviously, it would be difficult for us to send out a maintenance team every day to each traffic light or 30 km/h zone road sign. Which is why we've spent years investing in efficient automated systems for remote monitoring and control.” More and more of these systems are in wireless communication with the EMT department via Orange's mobile network. “In fact, Orange was the only operator able to assign internal IP addresses from our network to every APN (= Access Point Name, a gateway between a mobile network and a wired network), such as for the 30 km/h zone road signs. This enables us to monitor and manage the mass of incoming data even better.” This is all going smoothly thanks to a bespoke Machine-to-Machine solution (M2M) and Orange's secure mobile network.


The results

A real-time connection with all systems

“We can program, monitor and adjust every system in real time as required. We know immediately when there's a disruption and can then send a maintenance team. For example, a report of a faulty traffic controller must be resolved within six hours.” And, as market leader and specialist in M2M, Orange contributes its fair share to this. “Orange has a team fully dedicated to M2M. These specialists have in-depth knowledge of our applications and are able to help us without delay.”



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