M&K Toitures is built on great communication


"Great communication helps us boost productivity."


M&K Toitures is a specialist company, which generally manages between four and six sites at any one time. Hence, communication between the management team and the on-site teams is of vital importance. In Orange, M&K Toitures has found a reliable partner that understands and responds to its needs.  


The challenge

Always connected

“On-site, we need to be permanently connected in order to get on the internet, check our emails and make international calls”, explains Bruno Willame, Technical and Commercial Director of M&K Toitures. “It is important for looking up technical information about new products, as well as for checking itineraries. Making international calls is also a vital part of our work, as we have French and Polish suppliers.” M&K Toitures had already tried out a number of other Belgian operators, but had never found one that was entirely satisfactory.


The solution

High-performance communications

Orange Belgium suggested Shape & Fix Comfort packages for M&K Toitures. “The boss and I often go from one site to another. We've got a very comprehensive package with a high volume of data, unlimited text messages and communications as well as a fair few hours of international calls”, explains Willame. “All of the site managers also have a company mobile to use on-site, with a Shape & Fix package. They basically use these to communicate with us. When they have a question or problem, they just let us know and we can get on with finding a solution, for example, doing research or calling a supplier.”

In addition to its mobile phone services, M&K Toitures also relies on Orange for its office internet and fixed-line services, as well as domestic internet connections in the homes, which the company provides for its workers.  


The result

Increased productivity

”I am happy with our internet and telephone services across the board. Thanks to Orange’s high-performance solutions, we have great communications between the management and site teams. And communication is vital in business. It even helps boost productivity. When, for example, a team encounters a supply problem on-site, the site manager calls us. The boss and I can then do what is required to get the goods to him on time”, explains Bruno Willame.

The M&K Toitures management team is happy not only with Orange’s goods and services but also with its dedicated customer service representative. “We get really good service from Orange, our Account Manager is great at dealing with businesses. He knows what we need and understands our expectations. He handles everything. Whether it's a business, technical or financial issue, he answers the smallest questions and resolves the smallest problems. I really appreciate the fact that I always deal with the same person rather than a faceless helpdesk.”  

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