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Our 5G labs in Antwerp or Liège can play a crucial role to assist you in your 5G journey by providing a controlled and supportive environment for experimentation, testing, and understanding the potential of 5G technology.

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Orange 5G Lab Antwerp

What the Lab is all about

Following the co-innovation initiatives of the Orange 5G SA campus partners in the Port of Antwerp, the opening of a 5G Lab is the next step to unlock the full potential of 5G. This Belgian lab is the first to join the Orange international network, fostering collaboration and innovation.

“It combines the best of two worlds: the full potential of Orange's 5G test network can be used to valorize industrial processes and the economic know-how of the port companies in very specific use cases.”

Benjamin Dalle, Flemish Minister of Youth, Brussels and Media

5G and its many uses

Get inspired by several use cases that are up and running on our 5G network

Human Robot Collaboration

Human-Robot collaboration

A robotic arm, demonstrating a human-robot co-working, using the ultra-reliability of the 5G SA network as well as the low latency.

Robotic vehicle

Robotic vehicle

5G connected robotic vehicle moving autonomously while transmitting high quality videos.

Augmented worker

Smart glasses connected over 5G to the back-end systems can increase efficiency of a remote worker during maintenance.

Mission critical communication

Mission critical communication

5G smartphones replacing walkie-talkies used for business-critical communication and adding applications such as live video streaming.

Autonomous driving on rails

Autonomous driving on rails

Improving rail safety and efficiency by using self-driving rail vehicles.

Orange 5G Lab Liège

What the Lab is all about

The Orange 5G Lab in Liège is located at the iconic building of La Grand Poste.

During the official inauguration we showcased our 5G technology and demonstrated the possibilities together with the local industry in Liège.

“This is a real technological breakthrough, 5G is a magnificent economic and societal opportunity that will increase the competitiveness of companies and the number of jobs in Belgium.”

Thomas Dermine, State Secretary for Economic Recovery and Strategic Investments, in charge of Science Policy

5G and its many uses

Get inspired by projects that are up and running on our 5G network

Human-Robot intervention

Human-Robot intervention, full digital twin

Demonstrated in the pharma industry, a digital twin replicates a robot's actions, allowing remote monitoring via augmented reality (Hololens) to avoid contamination risks in the workspace.

Intelligent Pallet Mover

Intelligent Pallet Mover

Automated guided vehicles offer cost advantages, 24/7 availability, optimal transport efficiency, and enhanced safety with collision avoidance and self-learning capabilities.

Augmented Ramp Agent

Augmented Ramp Agent

Eliminating paperwork, streamlining processes, and ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and safety for ramp agents working in challenging air cargo operations, by utilizing RealWear smart-glasses on a stable 5G network.

Notre-Dame of Paris

Notre-Dame of Paris

Short description for block: A complete immersive experience in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris

Automated guided vehicle (AGV)

Automated guided vehicle (AGV)

Safe and reliable intelligent 5G mobile robot for smart internal logistics solutions in industrial factories.

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Practical info on our 5G Labs:

The Orange 5G Lab in Antwerp:

The Beacon, Sint-Pietersvliet 7,
2000 Antwerpen

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The Orange 5G Lab in Liège:

La Grande Poste, Quai Sur - Meuse 19,
4000 Liège

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