Centralise all your communication flows and all your applications on a single, secure corporate network that’s accessible to all your employees, regardless of where their office is located. File transfers, e-mails, CRM, intranet, voice and video... Everything is centralised on a private corporate network accessible from all of your sites. It’s the ideal solution for allowing your employees to telework without exposing your confidential data. Orange offers a wide range of access types − from VDSL for your small and medium-sized infrastructures, to fiber optics for your headquarters and data centers. In addition, all your temporary or mobile sites can be connected to our 4G network!

Why choose IP VPN?



Our solution is based on Orange’s fiber optic network, which is continuously monitored and managed proactively by our Network Operation Center. You can rely on optimal customer support, with strict SLAs and a Helpdesk that’s available 24/24.

Continuité de service

Service continuity

A second line via VDSL, fiber or even 4G ensures the system’s redundancy. You determine priorities according to your traffic and ensure continuous access to your critical applications thanks to 6 Quality of Service levels.

En ligne avec vos besoins

Tailored to your needs

The configuration of each site’s IP VPN is easily adjusted according to the evolution of bandwidth requirements. A move? A new site to add to your IP VPN network? Everything is set up very easily, with the type of access you desire.

Portée internationale

International coverage

Thanks to our collaboration with international players and with Orange Business Services, Orange can offer you the broadest global coverage in more than 180 countries. With a single Orange contract, you manage all of your sites in Belgium and abroad, and you benefit from a single SLA end-to-end.

Transfert de paiement centralisé

Centralised payment transfer

Consolidate the payment traffic from all of your points of sale or sites thanks to IP VPN from Orange. Using a direct connection to Atos Worldline, or a secure internet tunnel to Atos Worldline or any other payment operator, you send all information at one time to your payment service provider.

Simplicité d’administration

Mobile access

You can also use 4G to connect your remote sites or to have a back-up solution ready.

Choose a truly complete solution

Voice over IP solution

With VoIP Trunking, your phone becomes one of your IP VPN applications. All your fixed voice traffic is managed on your IP VPN network, replacing landlines dedicated to each of your sites.

Access to your IP VPN via mobile data

With IP VPN Everywhere, your employees can access your mobile network from their smartphone, tablet or laptop … and can work from anywhere as if they were in the office.

High-speed and secured internet connection

Benefit from super-fast and secure internet access for all of your sites with Corporate Internet.

Benefit from a network in constant evolution

Choose an optimal fixed network

Orange is best known for the excellent quality of its mobile network − but we also have an excellent fixed network that’s both reliable and in constant evolution.

Mobile network

Looking for a mobile network that offers the best coverage for your calls and internet connection − anytime and anywhere? Discover Orange network! And, you can also use our 4G network to connect a temporary, small or mobile site.

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