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Orange boosts its B2B activities thanks to ICT integrator BKM.

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The new assets


BKM brings all that media - telephone, email, fax, instant messaging, social media, video, document sharing - together for you in one easy-to-use interface. Through Unified Communications, BKM ensures that you remain accessible at the times and through the channels that you choose.

LAN & MAN management

BKM has vast experience and deep on-staff expertise in the design, deployment and management of data networking systems. BKM partners with the top vendors in the data networking space and has committed resources to the evolving needs of our customers.


Your data, software and hardware are extremely valuable, so it is essential to give them the best protection. The BKM security specialists will work out a watertight, tailor-made plan for you. Services include software, audit and consultancy.

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