Enterprise Messaging: efficient communication via SMS


SMS text messages are an efficient means of communication with maximum impact. Enterprise Messaging gives you access to a professional solution with powerful possibilities for automatically sending, receiving and managing SMS text messages.

SMS text messages are an efficient way of communicating with your target audience. To help you handle your text-messaging communication professionally, Orange developed the Enterprise Messaging solution. But how does it work?


1. Send and receive text messages wherever you are

Enterprise Messaging offers an online platform you can use to send and receive texts and process responses. You do this yourself via the web interface or you by integratomg it into your business processes via our APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).


2. Managing and reporting

Using a web interface, you can manage contact lists, templates for the text messages and user rights. It’s easy to set what happens with incoming text messages. You can also follow up your outgoing text messages and their reception.


3. Tailored to your needs

Enterprise Messaging integrates perfectly with your own applications. Automatically confirming an online order via text, texting a meeting reminder, carrying out a survey via text or securing a login with two-factor authentication via text: anything is possible with preconfigured modules and APIs (Application Programming Interface).


Find out how Enterprise Messaging boosts your communications and make sure your text messages have maximum impact. Contact your account manager now.

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