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With an omnichannel approach, you can interact with your customers where, when and how they want. Orange Enterprise Messaging streamlines all your digital communications, whether it’s appointment reminders or marketing messages.

Companies with a strong omnichannel business strategy retain 89% of their customers on average, compared to just 33% for companies with a weaker omnichannel focus. However, communicating on different channels can easily lead to high work pressure. Is there such a thing as a single platform that groups all channels, that you can use to communicate with your customers where and how they want?

Orange Enterprise Messaging is the solution. The platform integrates more than 30 communication channels to offer your customers a personalised experience. Here are the most important channels and their benefits for you.



Text messages are efficient and versatile. No fewer than 95% of text messages are read and answered inside three minutes. Texts still play a significant role in customer communications – like messages reminding you of your dentist’s appointment or updates on incoming parcel deliveries.


WhatsApp Business

The biggest advantage of WhatsApp Business is that you can easily share images, documents and web links. WhatsApp is an accessible communication channel that gives a message that personal touch, bringing you closer to your customers. And your customers feel the same way: 65% of users prefer sending a WhatsApp message to a business to sending an email.


Voice messages

Automated voice messages are an easy way of developing entire campaigns to communicate with your target group. The big advantage of voice messages is that they work not only on mobile phones but also on landlines, giving you access to the largest possible target audience.



Email is obviously a familiar channel for communicating with your customers. However, there is also room to capitalise on this channel with A2P messaging (application-to-person). Via email, a wide range of applications can communicate with your customers on a large scale. These are often marketing messages, reminders or notifications requiring more space or with a large attachment.


AI chatbots

AI chatbots are ideal for answering frequently asked questions. They understand your customers’ needs and intentions and react accordingly. Our solution can conduct conversations in over 60 languages on more than 30 channels, including web pages, MS Teams, Facebook, Instagram and even Alexa. Thanks to the chatbot, customer requests receive instant follow-up, even outside business hours. So how does it work? Our chatbot looks for the answers in sources made available by you, such as web pages or internal documents. Moreover, it provides a consistent and personal customer experience. And it pays off: businesses that use AI chatbots record an average sales increase of 67%.


Do you want to implement a strong omnichannel strategy in your business? Contact your account manager to discover the full range of possibilities of Orange Enterprise Messaging.

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