Data Analytics

Intelligent data extraction

Data Analytics is the future − helping you optimise your services and stay a step ahead of the competition. Thanks to smart network data extraction, Orange and its partners can provide you with statistical indicators and measurements. And whether you are a public or private company, our ecosystem provides you with the right expertise for bringing your Data Analytics project to a successful conclusion.


Expertise from the group

As part of the Orange Group, we are in the best position with regard to data analysis, even for real-time applications. Thanks to our international experience in a variety of sectors, we have dozens of best practices that are immediately applicable to your business.

Our ecosystem of partners

Thanks to our ecosystem of partners, we can offer you solutions in both public and private sectors − for example: smart cities, tourism, traffic, retail, and so many more. To be able to do this, we work closely with our own Orange Applications for Business department, as well as with partners such as Mentis, Cropland and Stratec.

Solutions that meet your specific needs

Competitive advantage

With Data Analytics, Orange helps both public and private companies thoroughly analyse their business or their core activities. The goal: to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Proven experience

Over the past few years, Orange Belgium has acquired a lot of experience in a variety of sectors and domains. Major players in the fields of tourism, transport, events, geomarketing, security, distribution (and more) call on Orange for their Big Data analysis projects.

In conformance with Belgian privacy legislation

We deploy innovative systems, data processes and tools that guarantee the anonymity of the network data that is used. So you’re sure that everything is in compliance with the privacy laws.

Better performance

Statistical indicators and measurements mine the maximum from our network data. This way, you have information that’s ready to use for optimising your business or service. Think of:

  • Peak hour identification (e.g. for improving traffic flow)
  • Duration of the visit (e.g. for a tourist attraction)
  • Movements in real-time (e.g. during a public event)
  • Global visitor figure, segmentation of visitors, geographical origin, etc.
  • Better knowledge of your target audience 

Thanks to Big Data applications, tourist services (for example) can better attune overnight accommodation or transport facilities to the visitors’ desires and profiles.

Ecosystem of partners

In a number of sectors, we can offer partners who convert the anonymous Orange network data into data with added value:

  • Orange Applications for Business: this Orange department developed 'Flux Vision' for analysing population flows in real-time. For both public and private sectors in fields like traffic, transport, tourism and retail.
  • Mentis: their Data Analytics tool is used for applications in industry, media, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, services, food, offshore and energy.
  • Cropland: based on their unique methodology, tools have been developed to raise productivity, optimise operations, and improve the functioning of organisations.
  • Stratec: this company has developed a Big Data analysis model tailored to applications in cities and the transport sector.

Discover our additional services

Reliable mobile network

Thanks to our mobile network, you collect valuable data for data aggregation and analysis. These data form the basis for your statistical indicators and measurements.

Internet of Things

Did you know that your analysis applications do not have to be limited to the data generated by humans? The data from your connected equipment or other objects can also provide valuable insights.

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