4 advantages of putting your IT and telecommunications together under a single roof


The world is becoming increasingly complex. In response, more and more companies are calling on an end-to-end ICT supplier instead of chasing up multiple parties. They’ve discovered teaming up with a single partner offers important benefits.

1. No more looking for experts

Today’s ICT world has become so complex that suppliers tend to specialise in one specific niche. But how do you find reliable partners in an area where you have no expertise? End-to-end suppliers such as Orange work with a broad range of partners (BKM, Lookout, etc.) calling on their expertise, services and products. This means you no longer have to go in search of the most suitable expert for your every specific need. Instead, you have simple access to an extensive ecosystem of certified partners.


2. One point of contact is enough

More and more ICT projects are multidisciplinary. As a result, tackling your challenges means calling on multiple specialists and coordinating their work. Unless you work with an end-to-end ICT partner that coordinates the work, giving you a single contact who oversees the entire implementation process. 


3. Someone keeps an eye on the big picture

The day-to-day management of ICT services and the rollout of an implementation process are important. You also need someone managing your telecommunications who keeps an eye on the big picture. An end-to-end partner who has an overview of all ICT partners involved in your implementation process is the only way to develop a well-thought-out ICT strategy that supports your business objectives with optimum efficiency.


4. You get a solution tailored to your needs

Businesses that contact several different parties for multidisciplinary ICT projects rarely end up with optimal implementation. After all, each of those parties has its preferences. An end-to-end partner who knows your requirements and listens to your needs is ideally placed to propose a custom solution and put you into contact with the most suitable ICT partners.

Orange offers a whole range of solutions to support your ICT, from connectivity, devices and applications to data intelligence and business consulting.


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