5 steps to strong ICT security


Every company has a growing list of network access points that need to be protected. Smartphones in particular are a popular target for cybercriminals. How do you make sure you’re secure? 

Last year more and more malware attacks were detected on mobile devices. It’s a stunning number.  And it will only increase in the years to come. Every organisation needs to implement an effective strategy for ICT security.  It’s the only way you’ll reduce mobile attacks and tackle cybercrime. Here’s an overview of the five steps that are indispensable in this process:


  1. Be aware of the danger. Raising awareness of threats to mobile devices is more important than ever before. Never underestimate the human factor. Even an armoured door is useless if someone unknowingly leaves it wide open.
  2. Identify the danger zone. Audits help you identify critical data and applications, and understand their use. This is a prerequisite for developing an effective safety strategy.
  3. Detect any safety leaks and new threats. Secure them by installing targeted protection. Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) not only detects attacks, but also activates defence mechanisms that protect mobile devices and their content. MTP sends warnings to users (notifications). It also posts them on the management portal (dashboard), keeping you fully informed and up to date.

    If you combine MTP with an MDM application you can even set specific procedures to follow in case MTP detects a risk. For example, MDM can be set to block a connection with a Wi-Fi network if it considers it to be dangerous. Without MDM, your users might still take risks and use a dubious connection despite the advice from MTP.
  4. Be prepared. Make sure you are able to recognise the initial signs of an attack. This is the best way to establish mobile security but also an effective way to minimise your exposure in case of an attack. 
  5. Anticipate threats. No mobile security plan is complete without a response plan in case of an attack. 


Looking for support for the implementation of your security strategy? Discover the benefits of Mobile Threat Protection.

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